You are the foundation to a great kidz ministry! Thanks for serving, giving your time and loving kidz.

Interested in Volunteering?

1. Take a look at our Next Gen Handbook and see if this is an area you might be interested in serving.

2. Email and we’ll send you a volunteer application.

3. We’ll set up a time for you to come and observe.

4. Fill out the background check online.

5. Get on the Thrive Kidz volunteer schedule.


How to be the world’s best kidz volunteer…

1. Read through the curriculum before Sunday.

2. If you ever have any questions or can’t make it on a Sunday, please let us know.

3. Have fun! Dance! Sing! Clap!

4. Get on the kidz level. Sit down and get on your knees when you talk to kidz.

5. It should be first and goes without saying, but, be madly in love Jesus.