Thrive Stories – Kyle Ash

Before Thrive Church I was out of the church scene for over 12 years, I didn’t care for the traditional feel of Sunday’s best attire, listen to the organ, sing along with the hymns and read along with the bible in the classic wooden pew, that’s what pushed me away after a few weeks of non-attendance in my prior experience. So after many years non attendance besides a few holiday services here and there, I attended a non-traditional church in Petoskey once while living up there but it and I didn’t catch on, for many reasons. Fast forward a 2 and a half hour move over a year later I get a few friends and some old acquaintances tell me about this church called Thrive, it meets in a movie theater,the pastor is super awesome & funny, and the music is really good. My wife and I toss around the Idea and after a little while adjusting back into the area we went and have been regulars ever since. Fast forward Again, I have been in the worship band for over a year, I also have served in First Impressions, Cafe, Road Crew and have gotten to know some really amazing people and get a chance to serve in a really fun way! I feel so blessed to use my skills to make Thrive continue to be awesome for the same very reasons I am became instantly hooked!

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