I love my church and here’s why…

I Love My Thrive Church because it is my family.  Every week I come through the doors on a Sunday morning and I am immediately greeted with smiling faces, good mornings, and can I help you with that’s.  Even if the crew has something in their hands they will drop it to help someone else.  Sundays I get to serve with people who have amazing hearts for Thrive Kids, and all other Thrivers too. No one is to busy to stop and make you feel welcome and wanted.  No matter how early it is the volunteers are there with a happy face and a joyful attitude.   All morning it is like a family reunion that you actually love to attend, dread missing, and when it’s over I start counting the days until next Sunday. On Monday nights I get to meet with the most amazing group of women ever.  I love how we know just when we each need a listening ear, celebration, a laugh, a hug (but NO HUGGING JESS. Even if you really want to), to just let each of us cry, rant, or even to offer bail money donations, just kidding.. but really.  During my week I am flooded with prayer requests, praises for a great job, and even a few “what the heck were you thinking” when needed.  I LOVE THAT!  Because family doesn’t tear you down, but it also doesn’t over look everything because they “love” you.  They are REAL and tell it how it is good or bad family just says it!  I love knowing that if I am struggling I can ask for un-judgmental prayer.  I love even more when I am struggling and I get a text saying I was on someone’s heart and they had been praying for me already.  I love lying in bed at 10pm and Sarah sends me another silly E-card that reminded her of me.  But most of all I love knowing that I am truly and unconditionally loved.  Thrive has always been a come as you are, with whatever you have at the moment (good, bad, or indifferent) place for me, and my family is still always loved.  We matter.  We are wanted.  We are valued. We are family.  Just like each and every other person here.  And like any normal yet semi dysfunctional family we have our flaws, but we are always there when we need each other, and we wouldn’t trade any of us for anything. We all don’t attend Thrive Church.  WE ARE THRIVE CHURCH!

Crystal H.

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