Thrive is Moving to Central Michigan University!


Save a Seat Campaign

Sponsoring Seats to Change Lives

God has been changing lives at Thrive Church since we started 175 weeks ago! And, He has opened the door for Thrive to move to a GREAT new location! In order for that happen, we have started the Save a Seat Campaign. Whether you’re a Thriver, a friend of Thrive or someone who cares about expanding God’s Kingdom, we would love for you to consider being a part of this campaign.

Here’s how it works

There are 1200 seats in our new auditorium. It is exponentially larger than we need. But, we know there are 80,000 people in Central MI who desperately need Jesus and who need a Church home.

So, we are praying and asking and believing for people to Sponsor Seats to Change Lives. If every seat was sponsored at $40 a seat, we would meet our goal and could move to CMU for a beta launch on April 2nd. Then, we would have two Sundays before our Grand Opening on EASTER Sunday, April 16th.

Would you sponsor a seat? Or seats? Maybe one for each of your family? Maybe one for your neighbor or your co-workers?

Its so easy to give, just text 84321 and text the amount you would like to donate and CMU. You can also give on our website and just give to the CMU Fund.

Thank you for considering!! Let’s change lives!!

Why and What

Central Michigan University has agreed to rent us an incredible space on Sunday mornings. Huge Miracle!
Thrive Kidz would use Finch Fieldhouse and have an amazing space! It would be safe and bright, and it has plenty of room for kids to run, play and learn about Jesus! A 1000% upgrade from our current kids environments.

Our Sunday morning experience would be in Plachta Auditorium and be incredible. If you were at Easter and Unwrapped, you know this is a great space to worship Jesus and help people find and follow Him.

As a Church, we would be able to reach College Students in a new and powerful way! Just imagine how many lives could be changed for Jesus through our Church.

We want to have our first Sunday at CMU on April 2nd! We would be there two Sundays before EASTER SUNDAY on April 16th! For that to happen, we simply have to come up with some extra equipment. That’s it!! Ok, why is that stuff so important? Because we’re moving to an exponentially larger space and we need to be ready to reach people for Jesus.

This is our TIME!! Just imagine if we come together? Here are a few STEPS to consider:

The Steps…

  • Step Up with your prayer and Bible life! Spend time every day following Jesus.
  • Step Up with your serving! We are praying for 32 more people to Step Up. We specifically need people for the ROAD CREW, PRODUCTION, FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND THRIVE KIDZ.
  • Step Up with your giving. If you’re currently giving, great. If you’re not, would you pray about taking that step? Listen, don’t let the amount stop you. Satan’s greatest lie about giving is that the amount of the gift is all that matter. Just give the amount or percentage you and God talk about. Leave it in His hands and see how God will move.
  • Step Up with your attendance at Thrive! CMU is exponentially bigger than the movie theater. We will experience growing pains. But, would you please consider making it a priority to put Sunday mornings on your calendar for March, April and May?
  • Step Up with a specific gift towards CMU. If God provided everything we’re dreaming of buying, (there’s a list on the back if you want to sponsor any items) it would cost about $50,000. Now, that’s brand new equipment. We’re searching for used or donated as well!
  • If 300 Thrivers gave $166 each, we would reach our goal! That’s it. So, please consider giving. I know this is a sacrifice. My family is making sacrifices in order to give. But, we’re doing to this REACH PEOPLE FOR JESUS!! This is our time!! Let’s come together!! Let’s Step Up!!


How can I Step Up?

If you’re ready to give towards CMU, just click the button below, and click on the CMU Fund.