BigStuf is more than a camp; it’s a new way of life for students. Success for BigStuf isn’t what happens while students are in Panama City Beach for camp. Success is what happens after their camp experience. Reggie Joiner, founder of Orange

Big Stuf Details and Schedule

May 13. One Youth Golf Outing. If you need help raising money for Big Stuf, the best way to raise money is to find sponsors for the holes at the Golf outing. You get $50 for every hole sponsored! Email to receive a golf outing packet to take to area businesses.
June 11. DAD FEST. One Youth is raising money by cooking hot dogs and selling drinks. If you want to earn money for Big Stuf, email
June 14th. All funds are due. You can pay by check or online.
July 7 at 630pm. There is a mandatory Parent and Student meeting/BBQ. Email for the address.
Bring your teens packed bag because we’re packing the vans that night. Please help them not overpack. The weather will be in the 90’s. Please no teeny tiny shorts, or barely there tank tops.
We will go over the rules, the schedule and the expectations.
July 8 at 6am. We meet at the Hub to leave!!! Your teen can bring a small back pack and one pillow in the van.
We will be packing breakfast and lunch for the way down and we will have snacks and drinks in each van.
We will be staying overnight at a hotel after about 12 hours of driving.
July 9 at 8am. We will finish the last leg of the trip to Panama City Beach, FL. We should arrive by lunch time.
Summer Camp begins that afternoon!
July 13 at 12pm. We will begin our drive home and stay in a hotel that night.
July 14. We will arrive home and will keep you updated.


Big Stuf is the GREATEST week of the Summer!



Big Stuf is A Safe Place, Quality Teaching, Tons of Fun, Amazing Worship, Incredible Relationships


Why Big Stuf?

BigStuf exists to point students towards the life-changing freedom found in Christ. We want to challenge them to ask the big questions, equip them with the knowledge of God’s truth in Scripture, and help them step into the incredible story He has written for their lives. We want to connect students with each other, with their leaders, and ultimately, with God, as they move closer to understanding who God is and how their lives can be different because of Him.

And that’s really what sets us apart. Above all else, BigStuf is about connections. Prioritizing relationships is key to who we are. Camp is a win for us if we’ve accomplished three big things:

  • 1) Connected your students in closer relationship with each other
  • 2) Connected your students in closer relationship with your leaders
  • 3) Connected your students in closer relationship with God

We focus on building relationships between the students in your group by implementing and emphasizing small groups. It’s a designated time for your students to spend together talking through what they are learning and experiencing at camp. Connections between your students and your leaders are built throughout the week as well, as your leaders personally lead your students. We also focus on encouraging and equipping your adult staff and volunteers with practical student ministry knowledge, investing in your adult leaders daily through one-hour Leader Lab sessions at camp. And most importantly, BigStuf focuses on connecting your students with the God who created them. Through incredible worship, engaging teaching, and focused small group materials, we point your students towards a deeper relationship with their Savior. And that’s the biggest connection of all!

Like we said, we get it. There are so many things pulling for your students’ attentions so why not try and connect their attentions to the best things? That’s our desire at BigStuf—to connect your students with the people and the God who love them. When your students walk out the doors of camp, our prayer is that they’ll go more confidently than ever before into the purpose God has for their lives. We know God has an incredible plan for each of your students. We hope you’ll join us in helping connect your students to big stuff this summer at camp!

How do I register my teen?

What is the Cost?

There is a non-refundable deposit of $50. The entire trip is $600. That includes Transportation, All Food, Registration to Big Stuf.